A celebrity who is a lesbian.
Example Citation:
To judge by the recent statements issued by our favourite A-listers, Hollywood is a hotbed of lesbian lust. Liz Hurley revealed in an interview this month that, if she were a man, she would want to sleep with Victoria Beckham. Geri Halliwell recently confessed to a lesbian fling, then announced: "If I was a guy, I'd wanna do Britney." Drew Barrymore has said that she thinks fellow Charlie's Angel Lucy Liu has a bottom like "a delicious peach". And then there's Stella McCartney, who periodically appears hand in hand with her friend Gwyneth Paltrow, causing eyes and flashbulbs to pop simultaneously.
— "The celesbians," Sunday Times of London, April 13, 2003
Earliest Citation:
Cher flipped at first when Chastity revealed her sapphic side. Here's how other stars' parents reacted.
Ellen DeGeneres: "When you're gay, your parents aren't saying 'Good for you,' you know? They're like, How did this happen?' You're not only a minority in society, you're a minority in your own family." ...
k.d. lang: To shield her supportive mom from gossip in her tiny hometown, the singer didn't trumpet her sexuality. "Man," she said when she finally came out in 1992, "if I didn't worry about my mother, I'd be the biggest parader in the world."
— "Celesbians on Coming Out," Cosmopolitan, October 1998
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